Dolores Cannon on Past Lives and Other Planets

Through the process of reincarnation
we have all lived on other planets and
in other dimensions and we will continue to do so
after our lessons on earth have been completed.
Earth is merely a school – one of many in our long education.
– Dolores Cannon

Long ago (lifetimes ago hah), when I was a kid, a rather strange notion hit me.  If reincarnation were real and if the spiritual world was really this timeless domain of god, then it occurred to me that past lives did not have to be chronological.  You could have past lives in the past or the future.  You could have past lives pretty much anywhere at any time.  Your past or future lives could even be taking place concurrently.  Every life, every consciousness could be the same consciousness existing simultaneously throughout time and space.  Needless to say, my little 10 year old brain was blown.  How amazing it was to think that every person I met was just some spiritual incarnated version of myself.

While speaking with Richard Feynman, physicist John Archibald Wheeler once introduced a funny and famous idea to explain why all electrons look exactly the same — hey suggested that they may actually be the same.  He explained the possibility that every electron in the universe is the same electron, bouncing back and forth through time over and over and over.  Of course this idea could be extrapolated to include every other particle.  Needless to say, this idea has been taken as a joke by some and as a real possibility by others.  Check this video for a better explanation




Dolores Cannon on Past Lives and Other Planets
Can you have past lives or future lives on other planets?

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