How to Create Happiness?

Don’t pursue happiness:
Create it.

I love fortune cookies.  Actually, they taste terrible (usually) but I love the fortunes they contain.  There are many ways to interpret the fortunes of course.  Perhaps they’re truly random and have no bearing on your life or perhaps they’re an expression of universal synchronicity — I tend to take this position.

Everything in life can be interpreted as meaningful to the person looking for meaning. Even if there’s no real meaning to be found, you can simply create it by choosing to do so.  And, my friend, that’s the message of the fortune cookie I received recently.  Meaning, happiness, fortune, etc. isn’t something you can necessarily pursue (showing a state of lack), it’s something you create.  You can create happiness…today.


Create Happiness
Create Your Own Purpose, Your Own Happiness, Your Own Bliss

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