Take one moment to pause.
Breathe deeply. Relax.
What is your dream?
What do you really want?
What one thing can you do *now* to get one step closer?

Learn to Breathe and Visualize Your Intention

Long ago, in a workshop far, far away – I took part in a very simple yet powerful exercise.  We were all told to put everything on pause for a moment and simply begin to breathe.  We were guided through a small meditation…standard stuff, really.  Breathe through the nose, out through the mouth…slowly…relax…repeat.  And then we were asked the above profound questions.  What do we really want?  What would bring us happiness?  And lastly, what is one simple action we could take immediately to help actualize that dream.

I chose to pick up a phone and reconnect with an old friend with whom I’d had a disagreement years before.  Had it not been for this exercise, we may never have spoken again (ego stuff, you know).  I challenge you to do a similar exercise.  Breathe in, out, relax.  What  do you really want? What one thing can you do to move you forward?


Breath Work - Learn to Breathe
Breath Work – Learn to Breathe

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