Are you a
or Knower?

So many go through their lives convinced of their knowledge, but knowledge seems to be a thinly veiled euphemism for belief.  In reality, there are very few things that can be known and everything else seems to require at least a mustard seed of faith.  What do you really know…beyond any shadow of doubt?  On the other hand, what do you believe?  I suspect you believe all kinds of things, even some pretty outrageous things.  It’s normal.  If we walked around in a purely agnostic state, we’d likely get anything done and our lives might be boring if we had to second guess everything – so belief adds a bit of artificial certainty to our lives.

Seeking, however, is an entirely different critter.  If you are a seeker, you’re probably never satisfied with simple belief or with faux-knowledge.  You probably want to unlearn all the nonsensical ideas of our dominant cultures and forge your own path.  Unlike those around you, you want to build your model of reality on your own experiences rather than rely on the faiths, beliefs, and unproven claims of others.

While I really try to remain unbiased, I admit that I honor fellow seekers more than those who are satisfied with their current level of (mis)understanding.  I honor those who seek out new ways to view the world and themselves.  I honor you, seeker.

Are you a Seeker, Believer, or Knower?

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