Sacred Truth & Epistemology

Question: Is it possible that you’re wrong
…about everything?
What would it mean to learn
your most sacred assumptions about the world
are simply…untrue?

Everyone is so certain.  We’re certain in our beliefs about god.  We’re certain about our spirituality, our philosophies.  We believe we know so much…but from where does this certainty come?  What is it that you *really* know?  What do you know at such a deep, deep level that it can never honestly be question?  It’s clear we all have beliefs and the belief game can be quite fun.  We can believe in this or that and thee the world as this or that.  The consequences of these beliefs seem to color what we experience.  If you see a world full of goodness and abundance, you’ll likely experience that world.  If you see a dark world full of evil people, missed opportunities, and depression, you’ll probably get that too.  What else can be questioned?  Can our most fundamental notions of reality itself be questioned also?


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