Everything is stored in the Akashic Records

What we call imagination
is actually the universal library
of what’s real.
You couldn’t imagine it if it weren’t real somewhere, sometime.
– Terence McKenna

I think I first came across the concept decades ago in the book “One” by Richard Bach.  In the book, Bach and his wife flew their small plane from reality to reality and visited various versions of themselves.  They reasoned than in an infinite multiverse, absolutely any reality they could image had to exist somewhere — so all they needed to do was point their plane in a given direction and the would find the reality these needed to find.  Seemingly without limitation, no matter what you imagine to be true must be realized on some level in reality — even the craziest and most illogical of ideas  seem to have some type of existences somewhere in the vastness of reality.



Secret of the Akashic Magician
Secret of the Akashic Magician

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