Who was I in my past life?

Many of us have asked who we were in our past life, but I think this question is a bit misleading as it assumes we’ve only been reincarnated once.  In reality, we’ve had many incarnation – past lives, future lives, lives in other dimensions, etc.  As spiritual beings our existence is infinite and boundless and transcends any early notions of time and space.  You have many lives, all existing concurrently; in the now.

I have explored my past lives in many different ways over the years.  I’ve gone through various past life regression sessions using hypnosis, guided meditations, etc.  I’ve taken various types of past life quizzes, taken part in past life group therapy sessions, explored past lives through dreams, and have even consulted mediums, tarot experts, and palm readers.  In recent years, I have explored even more unusual methods of accessing memories of my past lives.  Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, but all have revealed import information which was always resting just at the edge of consciousness waiting to be unlocked.

My Past Life

Oddly, even as a kid I would ask “Who was I in my past life?”  I always had some sense that I had been here before.  I just didn’t know how to access these memories until I experience my own past life regression session.

My very first past life regression took place when I was very young and inexperienced.  In this first past life regression, I recalled the experience of working for a small-town newspaper in the last 1800’s.  I had a very full and robust life, filled with laughter, excitement, turmoil, and sadness.  It was very beautiful.  Now, some 30 years later, I still remember every detail of this first regression and the life it uncovered.  It’s amazing how we sometimes forget where we put our keys an hour ago, but the details of this kind of experience can remind pristine in our minds forever.

My Past Lives

Much was revealed to me over the years in my other past life regressions.  One interesting memory came in the form of a dream while visiting a friend.  The memory focused around my participation in a large and grandiose wedding ceremony in ancient India.  There was singing and dancing and joy throughout the memory all in honor of the new couple.  This memory was an incredible happy scene from a single life.  Probably due to the intensity of emotion, I recall the specifics of this past life with greater detail than any other life.   The vibrant colors of the clothing, the excitement of the wedding guests, the joy expressed in the music – it was as rich as a Bollywood movie.  While this memory came in the form of a dream, I have no doubt it was a glimpse into a previous life.  This was no ordinary dream.My past life


Another life was revealed to me with the rich memories of living a mostly solitary existence in a mountain shack.  Though alone, I did not appear to be lonely.  I spent my days trapping and hunting and gathering wood for the fire.  Nothing terribly exciting happened in this life, yet it stood out to me because the solitude. 

Admittedly, I’m a bit biased but I find past life regression hypnosis to be the most interesting and reliable tools for find out about my past lives.   I created Astralware’s Past Life Regression to help me explore my own hidden past life memories – and then I realized how many others were also interested in exploring their past lives.  Since then, Astralware has assisted hundreds of thousands of people explore their past lives.


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